Located in the north-eastern Italian region of Veneto, Asolo is a hidden gem that has been awarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (“I Borghi più belli d’Italia”).

A place of refuge

The name Asolo comes from the Latin word “asylum”, meaning refuge. In this context, Asolo offers a retreat for those who would like to escape the hustle and bustly of everyday life and spend some relaxing days in the hills of Venento. This history goes back many centuries: already in Roman times, it has been a town with a theatre and a spa.

A hundred horizons

Characteristic of Asolo, called the “city of a hundred horizons” by Giosuè Carducci, are the gentle hills, magnificent churches, typical squares (like Piazza Garibaldi) and small streets but even more the ancient walls, frescoes and historic villas – a reminder of the town’s millennial history.

Something for every taste

The city of Asolo and its surroundings offer something for all tastes and interests: from history, art and culture in local museums, art galleries and theatres, to cycling in the hills of Veneto, enjoying a coffee in Cafè Centrale watching the town life, immersing into the rich local cuisine or exploring the nearby Street of Prosecco – Asolo offers everything that makes an enjoyable holiday.

Relaxation and "la dolce vita"

Curious to discover Asolo? If you would like to get to know Asolo in a particularly relaxed way, we can highly recommend our Yoga Retreats which also take place in Asolo. Together with the wonderful Austrian yoga teacher Stefanie Mandl we offer a combination of yoga and sound retreats as well as a full immersion in the dolce vita that Asolo has to offer. Find out more here!

Top 10 places to visit in Asolo:

  • Rocca di Asolo
  • Castello della Regina Cornaro
  • Mercatino dell’Antiquariato (antique market, every second Sunday of the month)
  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Duomo di Asolo
  • Villa Freya Stark (amphitheatre)
  • Museo Civico
  • Teatro Duse
  • Convento Padri Cappuccini
  • Due Mori (restaurant with authentic dishes and fantastic views)

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