Picture Diary



Built on a 450 m high hill, Perugia is the capital of the Italian region of Umbria. The city was founded by the Etruscans in the 6th century and developed into a very important city thanks to is strategic location. In addition to impressive architecture and numerous sights, Perugia offers a breathtaking view of the Appenine Mountains and the nearby Lake Trasimeno.

Top 10 places to visit in Perugia:

  • Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria
  • Church of San Pietro
  • Arco d’Augusto
  • Church of San Lorenzo
  • Rocca Paolina
  • Piazza IV Novembre and Fontana Maggiore
  • Oratorio di San Bernardino
  • Palazzo dei Priori and Collegio del Cambio
  • Church of San Domenico
  • Museo Archeologico