"Yoga always felt like home to me"


A yoga teacher since 2012, in an interview with The Hidden Treasures Stefanie Mandl reveals her personal path to yoga.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga has always felt like coming home to me – the mat as a place where I am completely welcome as I am. Yoga is an important companion in my personal development: it encourages me to look within, to be present and to recognize what is essential behind experiences and patterns. And of course, yoga is a tool for well-being and balance.

How did you discover yoga?

I started trying different styles of yoga out of curiosity in my 20s. From the beginning I felt that it was totally good for my mind and calmed me down. But it took me a while to find a practice that was also good for my body. Over time I came to Svastha Yoga, which is now my priority.

What is your main focus?

I have specialized in therapeutic yoga and basics for a sustainable yoga and meditation practice. For me, yoga is not only body work, but also consciousness and energy work, and I want to teach simple tools in this area as well. This is also how the combination with sound came about, which I find to be a wonderful enrichment. The most important things I would like people to take away from my classes are grounding and self-love.

What are the yoga retreats that you offer in cooperation with The Hidden Treasures about?

The idea is to combine a vacation with a yoga retreat and to offer the best of both: letting go, relaxation, reflection, learning, good conversations, inspiration, activities and new impressions – all this accompanied by people who are wholeheartedly committed to your well-being. All levels are welcome – no previous experience is necessary. The classes focus on basics and are therefore well suited for beginners. Plus: A vacation in Italy is always a good idea!


  • A new day begins for me… mostly with meditation and movement.
  • I became a yoga teacher because… I love to accompany people on the path to themselves.
  • To a yoga retreat I take with me… a journal.
  • Traveling means to me… inspiration.
  • This is what I associate with Italy… enjoyment and ease.
  • My motto in life is… Om Namah Shivaya.