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Terms and conditions


When booking a tour with The Hidden Treasures S.r.l., hereinafter referred to as The Hidden
Treasures, it is assumed that the following general sales conditions have been accepted:

1. Prices
All prices are indicated in Euro. They are per person on the basis of a double room and
include all services mentioned. In order to guarantee the prices a minimum number of full
paying passengers is obligatory. The price quoted for any tour covers the cost of the
planning, the organisation and carrying out of the tour, including accommodation,
administration and staff, except for the following, for which the client must be responsible:
vaccination fees, travel insurance, cost of travel to and from the start/return point of the
respective tour including international flights, cost of passport and visa, personal equipment
and personal expenses during the trip and any other expenses specifically excluded on the
tour description and/or invoice.
1.1 Accommodation categories
The accommodation categories correspond to the official categories of Italy. Some services
related to an accommodation category may therefore not correspond to the services offered
by an accommodation of the same category in another country. The Hidden Treasures
reserves the right to indicate its own accommodation rating if necessary. Not all activities
ascribed to the accommodation are guaranteed to be available at the time of travel.
Accommodation facilities, such as the restaurant, bar, pool, may be closed or have variable
opening hours, depending on the season. Such operational decisions are at the discretion of
the accommodation according to weather conditions, safety requirements or occupancy
rates. Therefore, no refunds can be granted by The Hidden Treasures for this reason.
1.2 Complaints
If, for any reason, either after departure or on site, a client decides to forego any service
included in the package, they renounce the right to any refund or compensation from The
Hidden Treasures for said service. Any and all complaints regarding services booked through

The Hidden Treasures must be addressed to the company as soon as possible and received
by The Hidden Treasures within 4 weeks after the end of the tour. All possible evidence
(attestations from the tour leader or service provider, photographs, etc.) must be submitted
alongside any request for compensation. Failure to comply with this deadline may affect the
processing of the complaint.

2. Rooms
2.1 Single bedrooms
The request for single rooms can only be fulfilled if the accommodation has the availability,
which is limited. In this case, there is the possibility to book a double room for single use
which means that the single room supplement has to be multiplied by 2. Single bedrooms
may be smaller than double bedrooms and may not have the same furnishing.
2.2 Twin Rooms
Upon request, the accommodations offered by The Hidden Treasures will provide twin-
bedded rooms. Nevertheless, please consider that many accommodations only have a very
small number of twin rooms available and therefore the accommodation in the mentioned
room cannot be guaranteed by The Hidden Treasures. In this case, clients will instead
receive a double bed. In such cases, no demands of compensation can be made for matters
attributed to this kind of accommodation.

3. Specific conditions
3.1 Specific conditions for groups
The client may book a quota for groups. The client may modify or reduce the allocated
quota free of charge up to 60 days prior to departure, unless other conditions have been
agreed. The booking status must be forwarded immediately to The Hidden Treasures.
A deposit of 30% of the total cost of the tour must be paid at the time of booking. In the
event of a total cancellation of the tour, the general cancellation conditions (see 3.2) apply.
The list of names of the final clients should be sent to The Hidden Treasures at least 45 days
before the start of the trip. All booking statuses and name lists submitted to The Hidden
Treasures by the client are considered as a final reservation.

3.2 Cancellation
If the cancellation is made up to 60 days prior departure there are no cancellation fees.
If the cancellation is made between 59 days and 31 days before departure, the 30% deposit
remains non refundable. If the cancellation is made between 30 days and 10 days before departure, 80% of the total package price remain non refundable. If the cancellation is made less than 10 days before departure, 100% of the total package price remain non refundable. The Hidden Treasures may terminate this contract at any time by refunding all deposits paid by the client, but without compensation.

3.3 Specific conditions for flights
In case a tour also includes flights, The Hidden Treasures reserves the right to apply special
conditions. If the modification of one or several passengers’ names with regards to the
booked flights implies extra costs, these will be charged to the client. The days of operation
are defined according to the airlines current and estimated flight plans. The Hidden
Treasures offer is dependent on the actual final flight plan. Should an airline, for any reason,
change its days of operation, flight route or cancel a flight, The Hidden Treasures will
immediately pass on the information to any affected clients. In such an eventuality, The
Hidden Treasures cannot be held responsible. However, The Hidden Treasures will
endeavour to find a solution consistent with the new flight plan. When such a situation
occurs and is internal to the airline, claims of compensation against The Hidden Treasures
will not be recognized.

3.4 Unpredictable events
In the event of unpredictable events that cannot be influenced by The Hidden Treasures, The
Hidden Treasures will try their best to provide the services booked. Such incidents cannot be
mentioned as a reason for the cancellation of a tour by the client. Under no circumstances
will The Hidden Treasures be responsible for any damage caused.

3.5 Regulations and norms issued by authorities
In the event of certain regulations or norm issued by official authorities which make the tour
difficult or impossible (e.g. travel warning), The Hidden Treasures reserves the right to cancel
the tour. In this case, the client also has the option of cancelling the trip. The Hidden
Treasures will issue a voucher with the value of the deposit already paid by the client.

3.6 Luggage

Any claim regarding loss of or damage to luggage, related to a transport during the tour,
must be communicated to The Hidden Treasures immediately. In such an eventuality, The
Hidden Treasures cannot be held responsible. However, The Hidden Treasures will
endeavour to find a solution together with the transport company. Late complaints after
returning from the trip cannot, under any circumstances, be accepted.

4. Payment
To finalise the booking of the tour, the client must pay a deposit of 30% of the tour package
via bank transfer to The Hidden Treasures. The client must pay the remaining balance of the
tour package (70%) via bank transfer to The Hidden Treasures at least 60 days before the
start of the tour.
It is agreed that these terms and conditions are subject to full payment of the relevant
amount by the client. If the client fails to comply with the payment terms specified by The
Hidden Treasures, The Hidden Treasures reserves the right to cancel the tour and charge the
client for any costs incurred.

5. Changes
5.1 Program changes
The Hidden Treasures reserves the right to make minor changes to the programme, in
particular with regard to the order of services. If services cannot be carried out due to bad
weather or force majeure, The Hidden Treasures will organise an alternative programme if
5.2 Facultative and optional services
If The Hidden Treasures offers facultative and optional services, these may only be possible if
a certain minimum number of participants is reached (depending on the type of service). The
Hidden Treasures has the right to cancel the service at short notice if the minimum number
of participants is not reached.

6. Administrative formalities
The client is responsible for the compliance with all legal and administrative requirements
regardless of nationality. This also applies to policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The
Hidden Treasures remains at the client’s entire disposal for any additional information
required concerning Italy. The price of the tour will not be refunded, under any
circumstances, in the event of non-compliance with the administrative regulations. The
Hidden Treasures will not be responsible for any costs arising from failure to comply with the
legal and administrative requirements in place. In the event that a client is refused entry, for

any reason whatsoever, into the territory, the repatriation costs (e.g. plane tickets) must be
paid by the participant. Any expenses incurred by The Hidden Treasures must be refunded
by the client upon presentation of the invoice.

7. Legal basis
Any disagreement, which cannot be solved by mutual agreement, will exclusively be brought
in front of the responsible court in Rome. The legal basis is the Italian law.

8. Responsability of The Hidden Treasures
The responsibility of The Hidden Treasures cannot replace that of the service providers,
although The Hidden Treasures is responsible for their selection. In the event that one of the
providers experiences a failure in the operation of the service, The Hidden Treasures will do
everything in its power to help the client assert his/her rights for any justified claim. The
Hidden Treasures cannot be held responsible for the non-operation or improper operation
of the service.

9. Errors
The Hidden Treasures does not assume any liability for printing or typing errors, or errors in
terms of content.

10. Data protection
We respect the private sphere and strive to adhere closely to the legal requirements for the
processing of personal data in accordance with the EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR) and
the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003. The Hidden Treasures also expect from partners
that they process all personal data on this basis. The Hidden Treasures point out that the
complete information regarding the data processing in question can be called up on our
website at http://www.thehiddentreasures.tours/privacy/.